Clear strategies
for recovery

When a company faces financial pressures it’s essential that specialist advice is sought and that all possible options are assessed at an early stage. With a clear strategy a financial melt-down can often be avoided.

We have extensive experience of working with companies under financial pressures and facing the prospects of an insolvent position.  We  give solid pragmatic and commercial advice to directors (ensuring they do not expose themselves to personal liabilities), insolvency practitioners and individuals.

Corporate recovery

Where possible we will work with “financially stressed” clients to achieve a solvent restructuring so avoiding the need to go through a formal insolvency process. This will inevitably involve negotiations with principal creditors (such as the bank or landlord) and we are skilled at leading such negotiations and implementing restructuring plans.


In those cases where there is no other route than to cease trading, we can advise on the appropriate insolvency process – typically an administration where the underlying business is viable on a going concern basis.  In appropriate cases this may involve working with stakeholders on a “pre-pack” administration to ensure the survival of the business.

In any case where there are insolvency issues, it’s essential that timely and quick action is taken.  We have the critical mass and all the necessary expertise within the firm to deploy sizeable multi-disciplinary teams when needed – for example on an administration of a multi-site retailer. We have a track record in all types of insolvency litigation and in-depth experience of injunctions such as the prevention of a worldwide freezing injunction.

We also have over fifteen years of experience of acting for leading licensed insolvency practitioners in a variety of insolvency appointments, meaning we have a unique perspective on what all parties involved wish to achieve.

Our insolvency team can help you deal with:

  • Sale and purchase agreements for insolvent businesses
  • Realisation of assets for licensed insolvency practitioners
  • Protection of assets from licensed insolvency practitioners
  • Transactions at an undervalue
  • Preference claims
  • Transactions defrauding creditors claims
  • General claims arising from insolvency
  • Directors’ disqualification proceedings
  • Employment issues connected to insolvency, including TUPE
  • Drafting and advising on terms of voluntary arrangements, both individual and corporate
  • Placing companies into administration
  • All issues connected to bankruptcy, liquidation, administration and receivership

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency