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Happiness in the workplace

It's no secret that most of us spend the majority of our lives either at work or engaging with it through the portable office cubical in our pockets. Yet #TGIF seems to resonate with employees more than ever, which begs the question - are we happy in our workplaces? 

This week, businesses across the world have recognised #InternationalDayofHappiness (20 March), or #HappyDay. As our personal and professional lives become increasingly intertwined it is important that we all appreciate the importance of happiness at work. Employers (and employees alike) should consider their working practices and day to day roles and evaluate them with this in mind. 

Here are some top tips on improving happiness in your workplace that can be done today:

1)    Vocalise the value of your workforce
This may seem like a pretty basic tip which many managers are familiar with, however studies show that under appreciation accounts for 79% of the reason why workers leave their jobs. Don't underestimate the power of encouragement and appreciation or let it get lost in the day to day interactions. Ensuring that your workforce is well motivated will not only improve their overall happiness but enhance their productivity, creativity and job satisfaction.

2)    Make sure your workforce is challenged 
A recent study revealed that the main reason workers were looking for a new job is that they were bored in their current position. Feeling challenged and stimulated in the work place is essential to employee retention. Employers should ensure that regular performance reviews take place and set realistic but challenging objectives to help keep their workforce focussed. Objectives should always be "SMART" (Specific, Measurable, Achievable (and Agreed), Relevant, and Time limited).

3)    Don’t be afraid to ask – are you okay? 
Often, employers only realise that someone may be struggling when their performance starts to lag. Management of mental health is vital to maintaining a happy work force. For more information on this subject see our article here 


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