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Celebrating Social Enterprise Day 2018

To be able to understand why Acuity celebrated Social Enterprise Day 2018, it is important to appreciate what is a social enterprise is.

Social enterprises are businesses that are set up to change the world.

Like traditional businesses they aim to make a profit, however what sets social enterprises apart is that they reinvest their profits for social or environmental impact. Typically, this money is used to tackle social problems, improve the community and help the environment.

The social enterprise sector has grown rapidly in recent years. This year, social enterprises have been reported to have made a £60bn contribution to the UK GDP. In the UK alone, there are over 100,000 social enterprises employing over two million people. These staggering statistics prompted Social Enterprise UK to run their #WhoKnew campaign.

The #WhoKnew campaign allowed social enterprises and other businesses to show how they give back and impact their communities. The campaign has provided a platform for businesses to raise their voices and share the inspiring things they are doing with a global audience.

Acuity represent a number of social enterprises including the National Botanic Garden of Wales and Dulas Ltd. In doing so, we appreciate the knock-on financial, social and environmental impact the work we do can have. Whilst providing proactive solutions to complex legal issues, we often advise our clients of the impact their objectives have on both the environment and their wider communities.

In addition to our work for social enterprises, Acuity carry out a large proportion of work for public sector clients. Public bodies are increasingly looking to social enterprises to deliver essential, cost-effective public services, whilst creating social value; this is something that Acuity are proud to be a part of.

We are experts in waste and recycling projects and our work for local authorities in this area has helped those local authority clients to divert thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill – a substantial effect the environment and the overall wellbeing of our planet.

Acuity's is an accredited member of the Legal Sustainability Alliance, an inclusive movement of law firms who are committed to working collaboratively to improve the environmental sustainability of their operations and activities. Our Cardiff office has won awards for being environmentally friendly and energy efficient, using renewable energy sources to power and heat our office and in addition to this, we are striving to become paperless by 2020.

It is our continued goal to strengthen and empower the growth of social enterprises in the UK.

For more information, please contact our Head of Commercial and Public Law, Craig Griffiths


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