Property Finance

Acuity Legal can advise on a straight forward commercial lend through to structured financial instruments in an SPV or a joint venture with differential returns.  We pride ourselves on our ability to understand figures and the financial drivers of a deal and then to reflect the funding structure in the legal documents. It sounds simple in theory, but our financial clients know that in practice that is often not the case.

We provide legal advice to a number of specialist property lenders and work closely with them in developing structures that are commercially robust and legally secure. Property finance is an area where clients need lawyers who are both technically excellent and with whom they can work on a business level to get the deal done – we meet both of these criteria.

In tricky times we can assist on enforcing security rights and ensuring that a client maximises its return from the underlying security. We recognise that property finance work is not all about putting arrangements in place, but also covers the technicalities of asset recovery when the underlying development goes wrong.