You need an experienced and focused team to deal with the multitude of legal and commercial issues on a large scale project. We have the team and we have the experience to offer an unrivalled level of service.

With a very strong and expanding public and private sector client base and an extensive curriculum vitae, our close knit team of partners, associates and solicitors enjoys an excellent reputation for commercial projects work, particularly in relation to Public Private Partnership (PPP) / Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects.

We have extensive experience in public procurement (including compliance with EU directives and regulations) and in the funding structures of joint ventures and PPP / PFI projects. We have advised 

on a wide range of outsourcing transactions operating in a range of fields within the public and the private sectors and with particular expertise in local government, waste, education and housing.

We understand that major projects are very time-consuming and labour intensive undertakings, which make great organisational and personal demands on those who work on them. Our lawyers mirror our clients in their drive, ambition and commitment, and we structure our teams with sufficient flexibility to match the ongoing resource demands of each deal.

We frequently provide training to clients on a range of commercial topics including seminars and workshops on topics of client choice.

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