28 February 2013

Top employment law developments in 2013

When Development
1st February
Maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal increased from £72,300 to £74,200. 
Maximum amount of a week's pay (relevant when calculating statutory redundancy payments/unfair dismissal basic award etc) increased from £430 to £450.
26th February
House of Lords debated the following key amendments to Enterprise & Regulatory Reform Bill 2012-13:
removal of the unfair dismissal qualifying period where the reason (or principal reason) for dismissal "is, or relates to, the employee's political opinions or affiliation";
removal of the good faith requirement for a protected disclosure in whistleblowing cases (intended to counterbalance the introduction of a new "public interest" test) but Tribunals to have new power to reduce compensation by up to 25% if disclosure not made in good faith; 
duty on Tribunals assessing the new financial penalties to take account of the employer's ability to pay....read more


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