Commercial Disputes

It is an unfortunate fact of business life that disputes arise, and that these disputes can be a drain on resources and a distraction away from running the business.  It is therefore fundamental that any disputes that do arise are dealt with quickly and commercially.

Acuity believe that there can be no set answer to any given dispute.  Not only do the factual backgrounds to the disputes vary, but importantly so do the business needs and objectives of our clients.  Our approach therefore is to ensure that we understand our clients’ business needs and objectives so that we can help provide swift, practical and commercial solutions to their problems.  We do not simply dictate the law to our clients.

We are always mindful of the wider implications and the potential adverse effects a dispute could have on our clients’ business, whether in terms of publicity, cash flow, internal operations, or ongoing commercial relationships.

Disputes are not only settled in court, indeed only a fraction of disputes get to trial.  Our objective is to achieve the best possible commercial outcome for our clients, whether that involves behind the scenes advice, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (e.g. mediation), or court proceedings.

We provide uncompromising advice on the issues and merits of the dispute and the potential costs of the various options available, and then assist our clients to make practical and commercial decisions in light of that advice.  The members of the Commercial Dispute Team are considered ‘problem solvers’ rather than ‘litigators’ (albeit problem solvers with extensive legal knowledge and commercial litigation experience).

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