Construction Disputes

Our clients benefit from a team of experts not only with an ability to solve problems at an early stage but also to fight hard if this is the best approach.  The team, which includes a trained mediator, is familiar with the range of alternative dispute resolution processes.  Our approach is to aim to resolve disputes initially without recourse to formal litigation proceedings wherever possible. 

Managing Issues - We are able to provide ongoing contractual and project advice to all parties involved in a construction project on how to handle issues as they arise and before they become a major problem.  Should disputes progress we can react quickly to provide support and guidance.

Adjudication - Advising on the statutory mechanism for quickly resolving disputes within the construction industry.

Expert Determination - Advising on drafting and applying expert determination schemes to achieve an effective binding decision between the parties.

Mediation and Conciliation - Advising and assisting clients in respect of mediation and settlement negotiations with the assistance of a neutral third party.

Negotiation - Advising clients and providing assistance on traditional ‘without prejudice’ negotiations with another party. 

Arbitration - Advising on contractual arbitration agreements as well as the arbitration process, from commencement of proceedings through to enforcement of the decision. 

Litigation - Advising clients in relation to formal proceedings, including litigation in the Technology and Construction Court.