Intellectual Property & IT

High tech businesses need high tech legal advisers and that is where Acuity is geared up to help clients.

The success and character of a law firm is reflected in its client base - in our case the emphasis is on technology and innovation.

We are not traditional stay in the office lawyers, but are mobile and dynamic legal advisers.  We work with clients at all stages of their development, from advising on patent and trade mark registrations through to complex licensing deals.

We typically advise our corporate clients on the licensing structures and terms that underpin their business models, and it is essential that the supporting legal documents are drafted in clear terms and stand up to challenge.  With extensive experience in the IT sector we are up

to speed on the market norms and are able to bring our commercial acumen to legal negotiations.

On the IP front we work with clients to secure filings of patents and trademarks as well as advising on terms for IP licensing agreements.  We have worked on several research and development agreements particularly between commercial clients and universities and the licensing agreements for the results of the research.

We are advisors to a number of software companies, providing advice on the drafting and negotiation of software licences and maintenance agreements, software development contracts, outsourcing contracts, data protection and e-commerce.